Todd Brunner

A composer/singer/songwriter of sometimes baffling diversity, Todd Brunner is hard to pin down. While his material can mostly be divided into two categories: innovative pop/rock tunes and melodic, somewhat cinematic sounding instrumentals, the variety within these categories is vast. Influenced by virtually every style of music, Todd has produced a large body of eclectic work that has straddled the thighs of obscurity for decades.

Securely ensconced in the artsy town of Lushwood Hills in the south of England, he works tirelessly to produce as much music as humanly possible until such time as he succumbs to forces of nature beyond his control. Working alone and in collaboration with other LH artists and his band, Cyanide Slugs, he continues to pave a musical highway that few others dare to drive.

Whether you are a fan of catchy pop, nasty rock n' roll, or those zany film soundtracks of the mid 60s, you will probably find a sonic friend in Todd Brunner's music. And one that won't stab you in the back, steal your money or carve its name into the paintwork of your car. Go on, you know you want to!