Todd Brunner


Todd Brunner is a hard man to pin down, but we'll try. In his decades-long non-career, he has composed and recorded psychedelic rock, pop, punk, game soundtracks, instrumental rock and cinematic instrumentals. Since arriving in Lushwood Hills in 2001, he has been a major player in the vibrant local music scene, producing albums for Laszlo Spatchcock and Art Bevilaqua among others.

In the 90s Todd recorded mainly cinematic instrumental music, while playing loud rock n' roll live in a variety of bands. Today he has settled into a unique form of psychedelic rock with his band Cyanide Slugs, where he is the main songwriter. Since 2019 he has released only archive material and special projects under his own name.

The instrumental music of the 90s is reminiscent of soundtrack music of the 1960s, particularly that of Burt Bacharach and Jerry Goldsmith. More recently his music sounds something like a mashup of British, California, and Texas psychedelic rock of the 60s, but with a completely modern sound. We hope this makes sense. We told you he is hard to pin down!