Dudes on Drugs

Dudes on Drugs is the name of an improvisational music project that existed briefly in Los Angeles in 1982. It consisted of several casual and impromptu recording sessions in the living room of a modest house in Santa Monica's Rustic Canyon. The personnel were David Fenton, Stathis Gourgouris and Todd Brunner playing a variety of instruments and making a great deal of noise. There may also have been other people involved, who now deny all knowledge of the project to ensure their own safety and that of their loved ones.

The DoD sessions were recorded on a series of stereo cassette machines, fed into each other to produce a crude form of multitracking. Cheap microphones were used and plugged directly into the cassette decks. No mixers. The idea was to record one improvisation featuring all three players and then, while listening back to the first improv (with full bleed through from speakers in the room), overdub a second improv on top of this. The length of mic cables often dictated where instruments were placed, and this in itself, became a "feature" of the sound.

It was the hope of the three DoD culprits to start an improvisational music scene in L.A., using their own recordings as proof of concept, but this did not materialise, so the project was shelved the same year it began.