Laszlo Spatchcock

Rupert von Nutwood - guitar, saxophone, samples
Mary Contrary - keyboards, violin, samples
Chris Christ - electric bass, upright bass, loops
Rosemary's Baby - drums, percussion, loops, samples

Originally a jazz combo, Laszlo Spatchcock now make musical collages that include both live and studio performances, butchered and stitched together by studio gimmickry. The result is something truly unique and quintessentially delicious.

Apart from their novel sound, the band hide their true identities behind masks and nom de plumes. A major force in the Lushwood Hills music scene where most locals know their true identities, the band nevertheless insists on being masked at every performance. This, they say, gives them a group identity beyond the sum of the individual parts. One might say that the group's physical presence is a direct reflection of the eclectic music they make.


Very hard to pin down. A combination of jazz grooves and dance beats with very eclectic song structures and influences. Sometimes melodic and driven by sax and piano, other times jagged and rhythmically focused. The music is both haunting and beautiful, while also funky, edgy and loud. It's a mish-mash of everything, because no sound or influence is off the table on a Laszlo Spatchcock record!