Laszlo Spatchcock

We came, we saw, we fell through the ice.

Laszlo Spatchcock is a mysterious band from Lushwood Hills who hide their faces behind masks when performing or when they are photographed. The band is huge in the Lushwood Hills music scene and is a mainstay at live venue Coco's, where they play as often as once a week.

They have been playing together since long before they were called Laszlo Spatchcock and have a shorthand when performing and composing that only comes from years of being in the trenches as a unit. We are proud to have them on the label.

Rupert von Nutwood - saxophone, guitar, keys, samples
Mary Contrary - keys, violin, trumpet
Chris Christ - upright, electic and synth bass, samples
Rosemary's Baby - drums, percussion, samples

A novel blending of jazz, rock, experimental jazz and EDM, their sound is so unique that there is really no one to compare them to. It's a mish-mash of styles, often changing many times within a song. But the band is also known for its strong melodies, catchy hooks, and powerful rhythmic structure within the madness. We suggest you first sample tracks from "Motion / Lotion" and "Schizofrizzi" if you are new to the band.