Laszlo Spatchcock

Laszlo Spatchcock are Rupert von Nutwood, Mary Contrary, Chris Christ and Rosemary's Baby. They live in the small, but not insignificant, town of Lushwood Hills in Southern England, a home they share with other Sublamental artists, Todd Brunner and Cyanide Slugs. Here in this idyllic setting they make musical collages of live and studio performances, butchered and stitched by studio gimmickry.

LS started out as a live jazz combo, performing covers of Sun Ra, Zappa and Monk to uninterested audiences at lonely establishments on the wrong side of the tracks. At this time there were three additional members of the band who eventually left because they genuinely had better things to do. Following this departure, the band decided to concentrate on improvisational material only. Live performances, still played to indifferent audiences, then became performance art events, and were all recorded, albeit sometimes primitively. All of the above ensured that the bookings rather quickly dried up, leaving them a band with nowhere to play.

With no future gigs on the books the members of Laszlo Spatchcock decided to take some of the live improvisational recordings and edit and add to them in the studio in order to produce something more structured and composed. Experiments along these lines were fruitful, and these have led the band into unexpected new territories. So the work continues, and the results of these undertakings are heard here, exclusively at Sublamental.