Count G

Count G

Count G would not call himself a musician, even though he loves playing around with any instrument he might get his hands on. Although he is a poet by another name, music has been his most meaningful form of artistic expression since he was a child in Athens. A founding member of Sublamental, Count G creates and produces music on his own and in collaboration with other artists on the label: Notnef Greco, Masking Tapeworm, Cyanide Slugs, and the Bar Bliss Ensemble.

Count G understands sound as a liquid form that can be captured in tiny crystal structures and then sculpted into compositions of varying length—oblique, meditative or downright disruptive of expected patterns of listening. Mining his notorious compulsion to archive instances of his itinerant life in word and sound, as well as his surrealist tendency to embrace random elements and his existential love of improvisation, he approaches composition with an ear to the unexpected.

What he’s going to do next is anybody’s guess, including his own.

Count G: piano, synths, electronics, clarinet, voice, field recordings, home-made noise

With the piano as foundation in its full range of acoustic to electronic synthesis, often entwined with wind and mallet instruments, Count G’s music operates in a very broad range from jazz-inflected improvisations to contemporary classical orchestrations, from musique concrète and aesthetics of noise to dark ambient and electroacoustic compositions based on field recordings, and from funky brass-based rhythms to sample-based poetic collages.