Natural Science


Count G Meets Cyanide Slugs 

A miniature extravaganza on a lark. 

Count G’s week-long visit to Sublamental headquarters for business planning and to catch up with old pal Todd Brunner yielded a fabulous encounter with members of Cyanide Slugs, who just so happened to be at the local pub. 

Whose exactly was the devilish idea to move this encounter into the studio is now disputed, as several contesting stories have surfaced from long nights of revel. Whatever the precise account, the fact remains that Count G arrived from Greece with some unfinished recordings that desperately sought salvation. And lo and behold, the horns arrived! 

Masterfully enhanced by the Slugs’ horn section, two songs emerged to form a single release of funkiness and brass tacks, with the enigmatic title "Natural Science". 

Count G – keyboards, synth bass 
Masked T – guitar 
KK - bass guitar 
MM - drums, percussion 

Rebecca Flamenghi - trombone 
Marlon Cavendish - trumpet 
Pearl Barley – saxophones 

Basic tracks recorded at MT’s home studio in Athens, December 2021. 
Horns recorded and mixed at Fir Tree, Lushwood Hills, September, 2022. Arrangements by Flamenghi, Cavendish, and Barley. 
Additional electronics and mixing by Count G at The Boys Room, New York, March 2023. 
Mastered at Terra Infirma. 

Cover photo from the outskirts of Istanbul by Stathis Gourgouris.


Purchase the high quality version at Bandcamp