Masking Tapeworm

Masking Tapeworm

Masking Tapeworm comes to Sublamental as a gift from Count G, who found this treasure while wandering through the Greek islands of the Southeastern Aegean. On these magic islands of exile, music is elemental, like the surrounding sea and the wind that barrels down the rockhills, still inspiring the youthful soul with the most archaic of bodily yearnings—the desire to dance.

Masking Tapeworm tenaciously remain inscrutable. Island locals murmur, with some sarcasm, that they live in their commune surrounded by heaps of old tapes from which they elicit with worm-like compulsion whatever sound can be saved before the irredeemable decay in order to turn it into twisted funky joy. By conviction self-effacing, they remain vague about their projects but often accompany Count G in his solo projects.

Masking Tapeworm: guitars, tapes, electronics
King Kong of Korinth: bass instincts
Moutro Monstrum: doldrums and percs

as guest:
Hive Silk: vibraphone, marimba

Electrofunk grooves, EDM playfulness, monster drum-n’-bass experimentation and improvisation, with the occasional baffling twist and explicit intention to get body and soul to move. This is music for sultry nights, for intoxicated spirits that bask in the hide-and-seek of sensual summer grooves.