Notnef Greco

Notnef Greco

Notnef Greco is the improvising duet of Deviant Fond and Count G, often referred to as “the amphibious duo” according to an outrageous legend that alleges their preference for spending most of their time underwater. They are synonymous with Sublamental’s emergence.

Fond and G have known each other since forever—well, say, the late 1970s when they were part of the Dudes on Drugs entourage—and their music exemplifies a long life of conversation and shared ways of life. Convening often in the Bay Area, in 2023 they teamed up with a local rhythm section to form an improvising quartet.

Deviant Fond — guitars, synths
Count G — keys, synths, clarinet, electronics 

Cloud Precious — bass 
Greta Pin — drums, percussion

Always centered on improvisation and spontaneous composition, NG’s music has evolved from electronic trance and idiosyncratic noise to more complex, long-form improvisations, with elements that one could associate with electronic jazz and dark ambient structures. The music is both delicate and intense, dreamy and whimsical. Best to start with the 2024 release “Fooling the World” and work backwards into the void.