Todd Brunner

A composer/singer/songwriter of sometimes baffling diversity, Todd Brunner is hard to pin down. While his material can mostly be divided into two categories: innovative pop/rock tunes and melodic, somewhat cinematic sounding instrumentals, the variety within these categories is vast. Influenced by virtually every style of music, Todd has produced a large body of eclectic work that has kept fans on their toes, to say the least, for years.

Todd plays a shitload of instruments, writes, sings, records and produces all of his material. He has been doing this since The Dawn of Time, when it all used to be harder. These days he tends to put out six song albums because, why not? But he has loads of unreleased archival material dating back to, well you know when, that occasionally he compiles into long albums that deliver outstanding value for money, being free. 

Whether you are a fan of catchy pop, nasty rock n' roll, or those zany film soundtracks of the mid 60s, you will probably find a sonic friend in Todd Brunner's music. And one that won't stab you in the back, steal your money or carve its name into the paintwork of your car. Get listening.