Old Friends Executed Recently - Vol. 1


TB has pulled 10 songs out of the depths of his past and regurgitated them here, newly recorded with a modern touch. Although all of these tracks were written prior to 2002, none of them had ever been properly recorded before. This is the first in a two-volume series in which TB attempts to exorcise his demons by revisiting his past. For detailed info about this project check out the accompanying booklet.

"This was on heavy rotation at home when my husband left me for a teenage gymnast. It helped." - Mary Contrary, musician

"This record inspired a total change of direction for me musically. If this guy could have songs this good just sitting around for 20 years, anything was possible." - Tony Roko, musician

"I'm seriously considering doing surf music covers of a few of these songs on our next album." - Rick Rodd, musician

"He was crap then and he's crap now." - Alice Forkwelder, The Torygraph

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