About Sublamental

Our mascot, the Capybara.

Welcome to Sublamental! We are an eclectic record label specialising in experimental music and psychedelic rock. We are not fans of classifying music, but we realise that it is necessary in today's world of packing things neatly into boxes. So we picked the two "genres" with the widest range of music within them. Hopefully, this will satisfy the OCD categorisers while giving us plenty of room to release whatever the fuck we want.

Whatever the style, here you will find music made with integrity and love. Music made by artists who care only about the quality of what they produce and never its commercial value. Some us like to think of Sublamental as an artist's collective rather than a label. Call us what you want, but be assured that everything that carries our logo has been made with heart and soul, including this website.

There are two things we'd like you to know, assuming that you're even reading this:

  1. The streaming quality here is much higher than most other streaming platforms, including Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube. So stream here for the best quality.
  2. Every one of our releases (except for a few free ones) has a link to Bandcamp where you can purchase a master-qualty un-compressed version. Please support us by buying our music, and your ears by listening to the music as it was intended.

So a big hello from Phil, Aubergina, Jackie, and Mandy, the four superstars who keep things running at Sublamental! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the music!

BTW our mascot, who proudly appears on our logo, is the Capybara, the largest rodent on earth.