Art Bevilaqua


Actual film, TV and games composer Art Bevilaqua also composes soundtracks for the imaginary films in his head. Cinematic instrumentals with beats, synth and symphonic orchestrations. Simple, yet catchy, melodic tunes that will get in your head and never come out.

In 2022 Sublamental released Art's first non-soundtrack album, Vignettes. Recorded over 18 months in Art's spare time between scoring assignments, the album features many of Lushwood Hills's most talented musicians. The response to the album was so positive that Art plans to continue recording and releasing "imaginary soundtracks". And we at Sublamental are proud to continue releasing them.

Art's main influences are other film composers and EDM, which he adores. You can hear elements of Morricone, Barry, Bacharach, Herrmann, Mancini, and Rota, mixed in with modern beats. It's like a mashup of the history of film music aimed directly, but subtly at the dancefloor.