Cyanide Slugs

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Cyanide Slugs is a 7-piece psychedelic rock band from Lushwood Hills. Todd Brunner formed the group from the ashes of a dissolving London punk band whose members had relocated to Lushwood Hills. They play a mix of vocal and instrumental pieces, mostly written by Todd, in a style that borrows from many eras of rock and psychedelic rock.

The band is driven by a strong horn section since 2022. Before that, they were a 4-piece, more guitar-dominant unit. Cyanide Slugs is a mainstay of the Lushwood Hills music scene, where they gig regularly. Two members teach various music courses at the Lushwood Hills Institute of Art, Science, and Practical Arts, and all play sessions on other Sublamental artists' records.

Tony Roko - keyboards, guitar
Catriona Flamenghi - bass, keyboards
Todd Brunner - vocals, guitar
Silas Tupper - drums, percussion
Rebecca Flamenghi - trombone
Marlon Cavendish - trumpet
Pearl Barley - saxophone

A mixture of art-pop, rock, funk, Chicago-style brass and several flavours of psychedelic rock. Like all Sublamental artists, the sound is unique. Intertwining guitar and horn melodies, and powerful vocals drive the band's dynamic and seductive sound.