Cyanide Slugs

Tony Roko - keyboards, guitar
Catriona Flamenghi - bass, piano
Todd Brunner - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Silas Tupper - drums, percussion
Rebecca Flamenghi - trombone
Marlon Cavendish - trumpet
Pearl Barley - saxophone

Cyanide Slugs crafts quirky vocal and instrumental psychedelic rock with a brass-driven flavour. The band is a mainstay of the Lushwood Hills music scene and is particularly renowned for its exuberant and accomplished live shows.


Sound: A melding of many different styles of psychedelic rock (British 60s, west coast 60s, etc.) with a melodic instrumental style all it's own. All of this somehow fused with the horn-driven sounds of 60s and 70s soul. It's hard to imagine, but it works!