Cyanide Slugs

How did the most notorious live band in the Southeast of England find themselves settling in Lushwood Hills to make colourful, quirky, decidedly not punk music with Todd Brunner? We don't know exactly, but we do know that it was precipitated by former singer and frontperson Cassandra Castle leaving the band in 2016, in the face of approaching motherhood. Aimless and lost in self-pity, the remaining band members moved to Lushwood Hills to regroup. Why they decided on this particular location is beyond the purview of this brief promotional snippet, so let's move on.

To say that the music they now make is a departure from the thrashcore punk onslaught of their previous incarnation is an understatement. And they are certainly much better behaved now than when Cassandra pranced naked around the venues of the Southeast, getting them banned from many an establishment. As the new frontperson, Todd Brunner has taken the band in the new direction of making rich, layered, fun, delicious music that should be appealing to any fan of great songwriting and playing. So join Todd, Tony Roko, Catriona Flamenghi and Howard Storkman on their journey, won't you? It's bound to be a wild ride!