The Distraction Effect


After literally years of threatening to do so, Cyanide Slugs have finally recorded their first album for Sublamental, which also happens to be their first album ever. Far from the sonic assault of the band's previous live incarnation, this is a collection of smart, psychedelic pop/rock compositions, half vocal and half instrumental, that reflect their new focus on tightly crafted songs with colourful arrangements.

The five vocal tracks here were originally going to comprise the bulk of Todd Brunner's next six-track record when a chance meeting with Tony Roko, Cat Flamenghi and Howie Storkman at a Lushwood Hills drinking establishment (social distanced of course) precipitated talk of working together. Talk led to action with the band forming and co-writing five instrumental tunes to complement Todd's existing vocal pieces.

The result is this album and a new identity for both Cyanide Slugs and Todd Brunner. We hope you enjoy this record as much as the band enjoyed making it (social distanced of course), and that some of their sense of wonder and discovery during the process rubs off on you through the music. Crank it!

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