Cloud Control


He's back! TB returns with six more audio delights expertly excavated from the caves of his twisted soul. With more ambitious arrangements than the previous record, he tunnels straight to the centre of the earth where lost civilisations can be found. And with the help of buddies Chris Christ and Rosemary's Baby on bass and drums, he has a solid crew with whom to brave that journey into the unknown. Put on your helmet and gas mask, it's going to be a crazy ride!

"Just stunning! I wish there were more than six songs!" - Catriona Flamenghi, musician

"These were the best songs I'd heard from Todd, and that's saying something. I was honoured to work on this record." - The Undertaker, producer

"I got to play a bit of White Rabbit. What more can you ask of a session?" - Chris Christ, musician

"The worst piece of shit I have ever heard. I'd rather listen to a cement mixer running all night right outside my bedroom window." - Alice Forkwelder, The Torygraph

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