Just a Skeleton Under that Skin


This is Todd's only real full length album (that is not a compilation), and comes after a break in recording of a few years while he was concentrating on playing live. It is comprised of vocal numbers that he was performing in his band, plus instrumentals that had been "piling up" as he was doing so. It is the first real melding of vocal and instrumental material that would persist in all of Todd's subsequent releases. So you could say it's a culmination of everything Todd Brunner up to this point.

Because of the live nature of the material, Todd elicited the talents of the drummer and bass player from his band on these recordings, making this the only release to date that includes a real rhythm section.

You can read more about this album in Todd Brunner - The Incomplete History - Part 2 if you care to dive into the trivia.

NOTE: If you purchase the album, you will get six short additional segway pieces, shamelessly cribbed from old Hollywood movies, that link the songs in this collection together. They have not been included in the streaming tracks above, as they are only relevant when playing the whole album from start to finish.

Purchase the high quality version at Bandcamp