Walter Under the Bridge


Out of the bucolic rolling green of Lushwood Hills spring these six new songs from TB. A considerably more sombre release than his previous, these tunes are 70% cocoa in confectionery terms. But they are also stuffed with enough generous portions of nougat and bubblegum to appease the tastes of any fan of sophisticated pop music. Try one and you may not be able to stop!

"Irresistible!" - Mary Contrary, musician

"Six little gems polished to perfection." - Phil Lickman, The Subterranean

"The first thing you should listen to is Walter Under the Bridge. If you don't like that, there is no hope for you." - Tony Roko, musician

"Todd Brunner sucks! If you support wholesome values like mega-wealth, inequality and climate change denial, avoid this like the plague." - Alice Forkwelder, The Torygraph

Purchase the high quality version at Bandcamp