Old Friends Executed Recently - Vol. 2


With this release Todd Brunner completes the project he began in 2020 with Old Friends Executed Recently - Vol. 1. Here are 10 more songs pulled from his past and resurrected here with fresh arrangements and performances by Todd and all of the members of Cyanide Slugs. These tracks were written between 1984 and 2002, and although some had been performed live, none had been previously recorded. For more background on this project check out the booklet for Volume 1, which you can download for free at sublamental.com/todd-brunner/old-friends-executed-recently-vol-1

"Todd is the greatest songwriter I have ever cooked dinner for." - Carmen Zitski, musician

"Whenever they (Cyanide Slugs) play at any of my venues, there is bound to be a riot and sometimes a fire. What's wrong with me that I keep booking them?" - Shep Goldstein, impresario

"To know him is to love him, even if you sometimes want to smack him in the face." - Tony Roko, bandmate

"This one sucks just like the last one did. If they would let me into Lushwood Hills, I would happily vandalise his property." - Alice Forkwelder, The Torygraph

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