The Demo Tapes


Notnef Greco have re-emerged with a follow up to their debut recording Deviant Horses, which they describe as “an underwater suite in three movements”. Ever restless to pursue new sound clusters, in The Demo Tapes Notnef Greco take their trance ambient tastes in a whole other direction, sometimes lighter and more playful than one would expect, other times more industrial and darker than the predecessor, even with a bit of a punk attitude.

This new work is a collection of improvisational “demos” recorded in seven underwater studios when the boys were seeking just the right sound for their new waterproof construction. Whimsical and unpredictable, each of the seven pieces reflects the location of the space of their recording, taking advantage of whatever each environment happened to afford: equipment, studio vibes, innocent bystanders.

The thread that binds these pieces together is DF’s electric guitar. It is ubiquitous in every piece, even if not instantly recognizable. All guitar work was heavily processed at the source and recorded live, with no overdubs. Some guitar sounds were then further processed in the mixing phase, except for the solo guitar piece “Polar Delays” where there are overdubs but no electronic processing.

Characteristically disruptive and yet endearing, the mysterious duo discusses this process in detail in a recent interview with Sublamental.

Remixed and remastered by Count G at Terra Infirma, November 2022

Purchase the high quality version at Bandcamp