Masking Tapeworm


When Count whisked off Masking Tapeworm and his other Greek friends to the studio for an instant karma release of this EP – 4 songs of twisted funky joy, he had only an inkling of how DJs of the world rejoice!

Beyond this music and the one photo he has agreed to have released, Masking Tapeworm wishes to remain inscrutable.

Getting him to give an interview or say anything at all as to what he’s up to has proven fruitless. All he has allowed us to gather is that, on this quickly recorded session of 15 minutes of music, he is responsible for what he mischievously calls “key-chains and guitar spliffs” and that he is joined by his equally puzzling friends, King Kong of Korinth (“bass instincts”) and Moutro Monstrum (“doldrums”).

Remixed and remastered by Count G, NYC 2022

Purchase the high quality version at Bandcamp