Nice Music for Morons


With their first full length album for Sublamental, Laszlo Spatchcock blasts through all expectations with a tour de force work of incredible depth. Splicing live improvisations together with studio compositions, the band has created a new hybrid style of music that not only works, but is also bursting with heart and soul. These eight little gems will take you on a sonic ride through a carnival of genres that you never imagined you'd find all in one place. The band has created a rich musical melting pot that is original, unique and refreshing.

The album is at once whimsical, melodic, sophisticated, emotional and organic. Beats intertwine with real drums, synth bass fades into upright, horns stab, cellos saw, strings soar, and over it all some of the sweetest damn sax we've heard in a long time. The sheer number of instruments played by these four individuals is staggering, and they do it with such care, dexterity, attitude and most of all joy. That's the word really. It's a joyous album, the like of which you will not hear until the next Laszlo Spatchcock release, whenever that might be. Indulge yourself now and prepare for a beautiful journey you will find nowhere else.

– Phil Lickman, Sonic Slice

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