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Recent releases from Notnef Greco, Todd Brunner, and two from Count G. Plus upcoming music and madness for 2024. Experimental music and experimental rock and pop.
Featuring Cyanide Slugs - Garden of Edith, Art Bevialqua - Vignettes, Notnef Greco- The Demo Tapes, artist bios. Follow us please on Bandcamp, YouTube, Mastodon
Release news from the first half of 2022. Two new releases from Count G, upcoming releases from Cyanide Slugs, Todd Brunner and Art Bevilaqua.
Festive Phil recaps Sublamental releases from 2021, talks about the massive Remix Project, and teases some upcoming releases for 2022. Let the revels begin!
Phil Lickman announces the upcoming Count G live album on Sublamental, December 2020.
Sublamental new and upcoming release news, October 2020. Laszlo Spatchcock, Count G, Cyanide Slugs and more.