Art Bevilaqua

Film, TV and games composer Art Bevilaqua enjoys composing to visuals so much that when he's not working on a job he invents soundtracks for imaginary films. The results of this process are melodic instrumental pieces with a cinematic feel that we at Sublamental are happy to bring straight to your ears. As a resident of Lushwood Hills and a valued member of the local music scene, Art frequently collaborates with fellow locals including The Shimmering Lungfish Orchestra and members of Cyanide Slugs and Laszlo Spatchcock. He may also play trumpet under the name of Herb Halpert, but Art will neither confirm nor deny this.


Cinematic instrumentals with beats, synth and symphonic orchestrations. Simple, yet catchy and melodic tunes that will get in your head and never get out. Arm flailing, toe tapping and other animal behaviours have been known to occur.