The Sublamental Newsletter - October 2023

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It's time for another long overdue newsletter. This one is REALLY overdue as it's been almost a year since the last instalment. For this I can only apologise and assure you that while I may have been remiss in my duties, the musicians on the label have been tirelessly working to bring you as much music as they physically can. So, guilt partly assuaged, let's get to it!

Notnef Greco - The Berkeley Sessions

In the last newsletter, I mentioned that Count G was hard at work mixing The Berkeley Sessions, and in February the album was released. With the addition of new band members Cloud Precious and Greta Pin, Notnef Greco has now become a quartet. The Berkeley Sessions was improvised over three days and nights at Sinking Ship Studios in the wilds of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The result is unlike anything the band has done before. The album brims with warmth and spontaneity, sonic adventure and collective spirit, often straddling the line between experimental jazz and free improvisation. If you are already a fan of Notnef Greco you will be pleasantly surprised, and if you've never heard the band before this is an ideal place to start.

Todd Brunner - Old Friends Executed Recently - Vol. 2

In April we released this second and final volume of Todd's deep dive into his unrecorded song catalogue. All of the songs here were written between 1984 and 2002, but none have ever been recorded before. There are some real gems here that, like in Volume 1, make you wonder why Todd isn't a superstar. He is joined here by all of Cyanide Slugs who impart their unmistakable sound to the project.

From catchy pop, to rock n roll, to melodic instrumentals, it's all here and adorned with clever and effective arrangements. Todd has always had serious songwriting chops, as this release, along with Volume 1, so beautifully points out. So if you are a fan of Cyanide Slugs and/or Todd Brunner you need to have this!

Count G - Natural Science

Count G's visit to Lushwood Hills in September 2022 produced this unplanned collaboration with the Cyanide Slugs horn section, which we released in June. These two tracks are a funky journey into horn madness that will definitely creep under your skin and get your toes tapping. It's a departure for both the Count and Rebecca, Marlon and Pearl, who all had a blast overdubbing horn parts onto the Count's pre-recorded tracks. This is a staff favourite here at Sublamental, and we defy you not to love it as much as we do!

Count G - Dizzy Solitude

What, more Count G? Absolutely! As if Natural Science wasn't still burning up our playlists, the Count has just dropped his newest full-length album, Dizzy Solitude. I'll just go ahead and say it: This is Count G's best work yet! It has a very organic feel, as though the music is a living thing. It's hard to describe, but I think G's music has been moving more and more in this direction and it's finally arrived at its destination!

The result is a rich and satisfying concoction that will reach out with its tentacles, embrace you and pull you in. It's a very personal record, which the Count talks about in the notes for the album, inspired by his time in Greece and also the music of John Hassell. We love this record and we hope you will too!

Coming Attractions

At the time of this writing, Chris Christ and Todd Brunner are mixing the new Laszlo Spatchcock album, Schizofrizzi. This will be the next release, certain to drop before the end of the year.

2024 will see the first releases of new Sublamental artists Dead Betty and The Bar Bliss Ensemble (who first appear on Dizzy Solitude). The latter will be dropping an album of Count G covers spanning his entire career. Also, there is potentially a solo record in the works from avant-garde composer Carmen Zitski, as well as a group effort with Carmen, Atorva Statini and Art Bevilaqua, recording as The Nightshade Family. Notnef Greco will return with a new album, the result of Deviant Fond's surprise visit to Count G during his winter isolation in a Greek seaside village. And rumour has it that Cyanide Slugs is planning an album of favourite Todd Brunner songs. Info is vague on all of this, so we shall see how things pan out. We'll update you when we know more.

In the meantime, there is lots to listen to, and remember that the streaming here is WAY higher quality than on Bandcamp. So stream here but purchase there. That is the correct procedure. And don't forget to tell your friends about us and our artists!

Talk to you next year,