And The Beat Goes On

Submitted by Phil Lickman on

From the sequestered safety of your homes, it might appear that things at Sublamental have been quiet for some time. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that all of us, myself particularly, have succumbed to COVID-19 and left this mortal plane in fits of coughing and cursing our respective "governments" for gross incompetence. But you would be wrong.

While I must admit to having dropped the ball a bit regarding the social media promotion of the label, some Sublamental artists have nevertheless been using their home time wisely to do what they do best. So here's what is happening:

Last Monday we released a brand new album from Count G! Spell Solved for X is another rich exploration into the kind of sound tapestries we've come to expect from the Count, with some new melodic touches as well. Recorded just before the pandemic and mixed deep in the chaos of quarantined New York City, these magic spells have become a virtual soundtrack for the bizarre times we are in. We think it's the best thing he's done, but then we always say that. Check it out! And also look out for an interview with Count G, coming soon.

In other news, Todd Brunner is working on a new album of old material. That is to say that all 10 songs on the album were written before 2002, but never recorded until now. If all goes well this should be followed by a second such collection in 2021. Todd is making great progress, claiming that since all of his paying work disappeared because of the pandemic he has plenty of time for music. He expects the album to be done mid-summer. We'll see how that goes.

We have been promising you some music from a band called Cyanide Slugs for a couple of years now, and as you may have noticed, it has not appeared. Tony, Cat and Howie have been taking a long break from the band to explore other stuff. But now, magically because of the pandemic, they have begun working on ideas together online. None of us has heard any of this stuff, but Tony says it "sounds nothing like Cyanide Slugs, but it's so Cyanide Slugs!" Whatever that means. We shall see.

And lastly, for now, Cat from Cyanide Slugs has a solo project called The Nightshade Family which she has been working on since the hiatus from the band. So far this has produced a film soundtrack, which we will release once the film has been, and some stunning ambient music. All of this is forthcoming in the future.

And I, not seeing a return to my day job in catering any time soon, will endeavour to do better with the social media stuff. That's all for now. Stay safe and well! Oh, and here's a pic of underrated character actor Dick Miller, to help you remember the good things in life.