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While The World Crumbles

Hi everyone. I know it's been a really long time. Like everyone, we at Sublamental have been dealing with the fallout of Covid, and it is sometimes hard to think straight. Up is now down and down is up. The world has been turned on its head, and unless you are very wealthy you will be feeling the implications of a collapsing economy wherever you are.

"Don't Worry Comrade, I Can Sort You Out!"

So let's get up to speed here:

Todd Brunner has reached into his past and pulled out 10 songs from an archive of undeveloped and almost forgotten material. Then he recorded these songs, most for the first time, during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown of 2020, treating the songs as though they were contemporary compositions and arranging accordingly. Because of the latter, this release can be looked at as the follow up to 2019's Cloud Control, despite its most recent composition being 18 years old!

And The Beat Goes On

From the sequestered safety of your homes, it might appear that things at Sublamental have been quiet for some time. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that all of us, myself particularly, have succumbed to COVID-19 and left this mortal plane in fits of coughing and cursing our respective "governments" for gross incompetence. But you would be wrong.

The Gospel According to Phil

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm the new guy here. I used to write for Sonic Slice before Todd Brunner offered me more money than I'd ever seen in my life to come work here at Sublamental. Now I've relocated to Kent from Surrey, and life is fucking bliss! I am literally sitting in a chair upholstered in £20 notes, drinking champagne out of a golden ram's horn while getting a manicure. There are absolutely NO problems here in the UK. Everything is fine! We should all just continue to look miserable and never stop gazing at our phones because we are the shit!

Cloud Control Mixed Again

Stop the presses! (Is that still a thing? I always wanted to say that.) There are brand new mixes of Todd Brunner's Cloud Control album, and they are stunning! Now, as you may know I am a huge fan of this album, and will usually flap off my mouth about it until someone tells me to stop, so it carries no small amount of gravitas when I say: It's like a completely different album! And I mean that in an ever so good way!