Welcome to Sublamental.

We are an eclectic record "label", the purpose of which is to provide a common identity for like-minded artists who make music for the same reasons. In a world where the necessity for record labels is virtually nil, we group together here entirely because of shared attitudes towards music and life.

And one of those attitudes concerns identity. You may notice, while exploring the artists here, that there are no clear pictures of many of the musicians. This is because we would like you to experience the music on its own terms, rather than it being associated with a particular personality. In an era when everything is known about everyone on social media, we felt it was time to introduce a bit of mystery back into the equation. While we are not exactly secretive about the artists here, we also do not tell all. Sometimes knowing less is more.

Some of the music here is difficult, and some of it easy. Some of it loud, some of it soft. Some vocal, some instrumental. We hope you will dip into all, understanding that we are on the same page regardless of what we produce. That is exactly why we're here.

All music on this site is free to stream, where you can do so at MUCH higher quality than on Bandcamp or Spotify. But if you like something we hope you will pay us the compliment of purchasing the high-quality version on Bandcamp. Please also subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know what's happening. We won't spam you.

Our mascot is the Capybara, pictured above. Native to South America, it is the largest rodent on Earth.

Thanks for stopping by!