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Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Hi kids! It's all go here at Sublamental as we roll into summer with all the rainy dismal joy of an impending Brexit Britain, and no one fit to govern! Happy days! Those of us Sublamites (I just made that up) living in the UK can really use some cheering up, and lucky for us some very special people are totally up to the task!

Dr. Harrison Interviews Count G

Dr. Harrison met Count G at his apartment in Manhattan, a classic 1910 building with a coach entrance and a view of Riverside Park. Shades of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, who must have grown up around the corner. 

The doctor later confided to Sublamental that, as he was going up on the elevator, he felt that he could have been on his way to one of those parties he used to host in Hollywood in the early days of his toy business. But this time he was driven by a new preoccupation: talking to maverick experimental musicians who operate outside the music industry. 

Interview with Todd Brunner

Hi everyone! I recently did an interview with Todd Brunner for my podcast, Can You Fund My Gap Year?, and we had a really great talk, replete with lots of shared likes and dislikes. We talked a lot about Todd's upcoming album, Cloud Control, which I had the pleasure of hearing final mixes of shortly before its release, and lots of other stuff as well. It was a great afternoon's conversation, and I felt like I'd made a friend.

Happy Festivities from Sublamental!

Just a seasonal greeting from us to you, in lieu of any surprise festive Xmas single or album releases, which we haven't got. And it's also an excuse to publish this fine pic of Notnef Greco in full seasonal regalia, which we have now done.

But we'll leave you with just a bit of quick news before we get back to our gin rickeys and truggery:

All is on course for my new record "Cloud Control" in the first part of the year. Recording is going well and I'm very pleased so far.

An Interview with Notnef Greco

Here at Sublamental, we are always searching for artists that break the mold. One of these unusual acts is a duo that goes by the bizarre name Notnef Greco. We have no idea what this means. After meeting them a few years ago at an experimental music festival, we were happy to release their first recording Deviant Horses, which they describe as “an underwater suite in three movements”.

New Dudes on Drugs Record after 36 Year Hiatus

"Cabaret Rustique", the "new" album from Dudes on Drugs is available now!

Culled from the original 1982 recording sessions, an album of entirely new material has been assembled from recently discovered "lost" tapes. Unlike the original DoD release, this one more truly captures the atmosphere of the original sessions, with less studio gimmickry added.

Some News for Late 2018 and Early 2019

Hello! It's been a long time since anyone here at Sublamental has made much noise, musically or otherwise. I don't think I need to bore you with details of how we all grapple with the strange world we live in. This we all do in our own way. Suffice to say we've all been too busy to think about music, and that aint good!

So, in the spirit of getting back on track, I'd like to tell you about some new releases coming up in the near future. (Also I am providing some visual entertainment in the form of a photograph of Sun Ra, just because. You're welcome.)

Note on Black music

“Black music was a Black response to being terrorized and traumatized. We’re going to share and spread some soothing sweetness against the backdrop of the dark catastrophe. That’s Black music.”

Cornel West, Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary (2016)